Cadiz Holdings Proprietary Limited

Cadiz Holdings

Cadiz Holdings Proprietary Limited (“Cadiz”) is a financial services group founded over 20 years ago and specialising in institutional and personal investments through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Cadiz Asset Management Proprietary Limited (“Cadiz Asset Management”).

After being established as a securities house, the business has focused increasingly on asset management over the past decade. This included the acquisition of African Harvest Fund Managers in 2006 which positioned the group as a meaningful competitor in the institutional and personal asset management markets.

Cadiz Asset Management is an independent fund manager with both institutional and personal investment clients.

Since the appointment of Shawn Stockigt as CEO, the investment and fixed income teams, under leadership of Matt Brenzel and Alastair Sellick respectively, have stabilised and delivered consistent top-quartile investment performance.

Transformation and black economic empowerment (BEE) are fundamental to the group’s philosophy and business strategy. The commitment to transformation is reflected in the group being consistently rated as a level 3 broad-based BEE contributor.

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