Mine Restoration Investments Limited

Mine Restoration

Stellar Capital Partners Limited is currently invested in 34.50% of the issued ordinary shares of Mine Restoration Investments Limited (JSE ticker:MRI) (“Mine Restoration”).

The focus of the Mine Restoration Group is the processing and screening of coal fines. The core objective of the company is to provide an environmental rehabilitation service to coal mines, converting unwanted fines into a marketable product.

Coal fines have traditionally been an unwanted byproduct in the South African coal mining industry. Fines are typically defined as coal with a particle size below 6mm. These fines have presented a major disposal challenge to the industry.

Mine Restoration has developed specific screening and processing expertise and has currently set up its and proven its concept to Keaton Energy Holdings’ (JSE ticker:KEH) Vaalkrantz Colliery. Mine Restoration has contracted access to the Vaalkrantz fines (5 year life of mine) as well as the Keaton’s Vanggatfontein colliery.

As a result of their low marketing value, coal fines are generally disposed in dams or on stockpiles at or near mining sites. This practice has had a huge environmental impact worldwide. There are a number of problems associated with the disposal or storage of fines on stockpiles. These include dust release, acid drainage and spontaneous combustion.

For more information on Mine Restoration, please visit http://minerestoration.co.za/

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