Prescient Holdings Proprietary Limited

Stellar Capital Partners Limited is currently invested in 48.8% of the issued ordinary shares of Prescient Holdings Proprietary Limited (“Prescient”). The significant units of Prescient’s financial services operations comprise:

  • Investment management: Prescient Investment Management manages money on behalf of retirement funds, medical aid schemes, other retirement vehicles and corporate entities, trusts and individuals.
  • Securities: Prescient Securities operates in a competitive stock broking market and offers efficient trade and execution services as well as a diverse research competency.
  • Fund services: Prescient Fund Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Prescient that offers specialist outsourced administration (including hedge fund administration), platform services and global execution services to asset managers, multi-managers and other institutional investment providers.
  • Life: Prescient Life holds a linked life licence under which it issues investment linked policies to institutional and retail clients.
  • Management company: Prescient Management Company offers collective investment schemes (unit trusts) to retail and institutional clients who wish to access Prescient Investment Management’s distinctive investment style and philosophy through an efficient vehicle.
  • China: Prescient Investment Management has a representative office in Shanghai and was the first institution in Africa to be granted a Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor license by the Chinese authorities.

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