The investment portfolio of Stellar Capital Partners comprises:

  • Financial services
    • Preference shareholder in Prescient Empowerment Trust Proprietary Limited, being the controlling shareholder of Prescient Holdings Proprietary Limited (“Prescient”), which indirectly gives Stellar Capital Partners the rights and economic benefits of an effective 19.4% interest in Prescient
    • 100% of AHI Asset Management Proprietary Limited
    • 30% of Sithega Financial Services Fund
    • 37% of Praxis Financial Services Proprietary Limited
    • 51% of Greenpoint Holdings Proprietary Limited
    • 75% of Inyosi Solutions Proprietary Limited
    • 100% of Friedshelf 1678 Limited
  • Industrials and technology
    • 100% of Tellumat Proprietary Limited (49% held directly and 51% held by way of 100% of non-cumulative preference shares in Amalinde Technologies Proprietary Limited, redeemable at the instance of the issuer)
  •  Corporate assets
    • Investments in Greenpoint Funds, held indirectly via Preference Shares in AHI Asset Management Proprietary Limited
    • 100% of Stellar International Limited (domiciled in Mauritius) which holds minority investments in LifeQ Global Limited and Tictrac Limited
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