The investment portfolio of Stellar Capital Partners comprises:

  • Unlisted investments:
    • 19% of Prescient Holdings Proprietary Limited
    • 37% of Praxis Financial Services Proprietary Limited
    • 51% of Greenpoint Capital Proprietary Limited
    • 75% of Inyosi Solutions Proprietary Limited
    • 49% of Tellumat Proprietary Limited
  • Other investments:
    • 100% of Friedshelf 1678 Limited
    • 100% of Stellar International Limited (domiciled in Mauritius and which holds minority investments in LifeQ Global Limited and Tictrac Limited)
    • 100% of non-cumulative preference shares in Amalinda Technologies Proprietary Limited (51% shareholder in Tellumat Proprietary Limited), redeemable at the instance of the issuer
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