Sum-of-the-parts value


Latest reported
R’000  30 June 2021
Financial Services
Prescient           342 304
Sithega Fund 84 671
AHI Asset Management 103 978
Praxis Financial Services
Greenpoint Holdings 10 417
Friedshelf 14 019
Industrials and technology
Tellumat 1 15 200
Corporate assets
Financial assets 1 240
Loan portfolio 2 124 866
Venture capital portfolio 3 21 347
Cash and cash equivalents 421 845
Other assets 4 11 720
Total assets 1 151 607
Trade and other payables (1 197)
SOTP value 1 150 410
Less cost of treasury shares held in subsidiary (28 456)
Adjusted SOTP value 1 121 954
Net shares in issue (‘000) 5       872 617
SOTP value per share (Rand) 6 1.29


1. The value comprises the sum of the investments in Tellumat and Amalinde Technologies
2. Investments in the Greenpoint Funds held indirectly via a preference share
3. Held in Stellar International
4. Other assets at 30 June 2021 primarily comprises the receivable for the Inyosi disposal proceeds that was receipted subsequent to year-end
5. Net shares in issue exclude 40.0 million (2020: 90.0 million) treasury shares held by AHI Asset Management
6. SOTP value per share, accounts for the effect of 40.0 million (2020: 90.0 million) treasury shares acquired by AHI Asset Management at an average acquisition price of 71 cents per share
7. The current investment fair values in the above SOTP do not result in a net tax liability upon disposal

Refer to the latest published results for details of the underlying assets and liabilities as well as information regarding valuations of investments held at fair value.

Financial advisor disclaimer
The information provided included in the SOTP calculation is for GENERAL INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY and does not constitute an offer to sell any securities or investment advice relating to securities or a representation that the security is a suitable or appropriate investment for any person. You are advised to give independent consideration to and conduct independent investigation with regards to this information and to obtain investment advice from your independent financial advisors. The purpose of the SOTP is to assist shareholders and/or investors on a SOTP summary extracted from the most recent published financial results.

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