Tellumat Proprietary Limited


Stellar Capital Partners Limited is currently invested in 48.9% of the issued ordinary shares of Tellumat Proprietary Limited (“Tellumat”). Stellar Capital Partners is also invested in 100% of the non-cumulative preference shares issued by Amalinda Technologies (Proprietary) Limited (“Amalinda”) (previously  Masimong Technologies (Proprietary) Limited), which entity holds a further 51.1% of the issued ordinary share  capital of Tellumat.  Amalinda is the BBBEE partner of Tellumat.

Plessey plc established a SA-based subsidiary in the early 1960s. In 1989, this company was dissolved and the SA operation became an autonomous company listed on the JSE in 1995. Split through acquisition in 1998, Tellumat delisted and became a privately owned company.

Tellumat offers world-class, progressive technology products and custom solutions and services. As leaders in electronic technology within the telecommunications, defence, transport and energy industries, it serves both South Africa as well as select world markets, with more than 50 years of continuous business. A Level 3 broad-based BEE status, Tellumat is an autonomous Black Empowered company comprising the following entities and core capabilities:

  • Air traffic management: A full service offering ranging from project management, systems engineering, product upgrades, software development and installation to integration, commissioning and logistic and maintenance support. This includes ground-based air navigation, airport systems (weather information systems, airfield ground lighting), communication and recording systems, specialised fibre optic systems and radars.
  • Defence and security: Development, supply and support of systems and solutions for systems integrators and end users     across the international aerospace and defence markets. This includes combat identification systems – identification friend or foe (IFF), tactical communications – data and video radio links, avionics, including unmanned aerial systems (UAS), infrastructure and security monitoring (ISM) as well as special and custom applications.
  • Electronic manufacturing: Electronics assembly and manufacturing facility uniquely structured and equipped to provide from “labour only” EMS to full product life cycle support and value add services, together with state of the art full testing facilities. This includes prototyping, quick turnaround, low and high volume production and state-of-the art testing facilities in addition to assisting international original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with the localisation and, where necessary, industrialisation of products.
  • Integrated solutions: Provider of dynamic and versatile full turnkey telecommunications solutions to the fixed-line and mobile telecoms, rail and mining, commercial, industrial, government and defence industries. This includes end-to-end solutions covering network design and engineering, project management, site implementation, managed services and fibre reticulation.

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